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What Women Want?

Top 8 Jewellery Pieces All Women Want

Before you read on, no this is not an article about the Mel Gibson romance flick “What Women Want” from 2000; the premise however is the same…

My name is Lucy Quartermaine. I am an Award Winning Silversmith and Jewellery Designer based in the UK.  I am also the current holder of the prestigious Designer of the Year Award, which was awarded to me in 2016.

Over the years I have often considered the question “what do women want?” and used findings and influences in my range of jewellery. I thought it was about time to create a definitive list based on my research over the past 10 years.


So, here is my Top 8 Jewellery Pieces All Women Want:


Number 8: Pendant Chain

Pendant Chain

Pendant Chains are very much in fashion at the moment. Whether you prefer a “trendy” long pendant necklace or delicate style, pendants are fantastic daily wear accessories.

It is not uncommon to see women wearing gold pendants 24/7 and not just gold. Sterling Silver pendants have also become very fashionable.

Pendants are light, easy to wear and go with any fashion. A must have for 2017

Number 7: Pearls

Pearl Hug Bracelet

If you had to give Pearls a title, that title would be “classic”.

Pearls are synonymous with elegance and class; they can be worn with almost any outfit and match with any style. The social elite and countless celebrities chose pearls to complement their outfits in 2016 but do not fear, Pearls can be a cost effective jewellery accessory.

Number 6: Watch

Sterling Silver Watch

I wonder if we even use watches anymore to check the time… Let’s be real, we wear watches so that we can look classy and stylish.

With a watch on one wrist accompanied by a bangle on the other, you will be looking fresh and stylish.

Investing in a solid gold or silver watch is an investment that should be made.

Number 5: Bracelet

Six Drip Bracelet

Bracelets can be expensive but are definitely worth investing in. Whether you like drip bracelets, arrow bracelets, button bracelets or bangles, they offer a touch of style and class to any outfit.

Number 4: Hoop Earring

Mini Drip Hoops

Another piece of jewellery that works with almost any outfit and style is Hoop Earrings. And, if there is one piece of jewellery that your daughter or granddaughter will ask to borrow, it’s your favourite hoop earrings; they almost enhance cross generation bonding.

Number 3: Necklace

Drip Necklace

Put on a solid gold drip necklace and ooze sophistication. Another fashion accessory for all styles and lots of options to consider.

Gold and Sterling Silver Drip necklaces are hot topic right now as are Button necklaces and Art Deco styles.

Number 2: Diamond Stud Earring

Art Deco Halo Studs

A versatile must have jewellery item for every women’s wardrobe. Diamonds stud are extremely adaptable and for the fashionista looking to buy a top end product or shop on a budget, there are limitless options, styles and even imitations on the market.

Number 1: Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Perhaps no surprises to see a Diamond Ring at the top of this list. A Diamond ring screams opulence and truly is a girl’s best friend.

They also offer fantastic investment opportunities with the price of diamonds rising every year.


And there you have it. A Top 10 Pieces of Jewellery “all women want”.

You might also want consider Handmade Silver Jewellery as a stylish and tasteful accessory to compliment a range of styles and statements.




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