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The Top Summer Handmade Silver Jewellery Trends

Have a look at our top summer trends for handmade silver jewellery. See what’s trending this season.

Summer of 2016 promises to be one of exciting trends when it comes to handmade silver jewellery. From mystical organic inspired shapes to long dangles and geometric shapes, this is a summer that will be reminiscent of the 1980s. Think the beginning of the Punk generation and you have an idea of what will be trending this year.

Long Dangling Earrings

When calling attention to the face, there is nothing finer than a delicate pair of long dangling silver earrings. Shaped like an extended teardrop, you will quickly catch the flowing motion as the head turns, catching the light of the sun. Handcrafted in silver, two pairs may be from the very same collection but this year they will have just enough variation to set them apart as ‘unique.’

Pendants Worn Thin and Long

Complementary to dangling teardrop earrings, pendants this summer will be suspended from fine silver chains and the long droplet hanging from the chain carries the look from the ears down to mid-chest where the pendant hangs. It’s a lovely combination that is long and sleek, and entirely feminine. But when it comes to bracelets, this where the similarity ends.

Wrist Adornments Capture the Fancy

Here is where summer jewellery trends away from that soft feminine look. The ladies are wearing multiple bracelets, sometimes climbing half-way up the forearm – the more the merrier. From bold wristlets to dangling charms to fine silver chains, it will be nothing unusual to see half a dozen or more bracelets adorning the wrists of ladies out and about for a night on the town.

Bringing Nature to Life

Millennials are huge on all things natural and that will be reflected in handmade silver jewellery this summer. Shapes of water droplets, rings of fire and circlets of leaves will be prominent in handcrafted artisan pieces. Whether worn in combination with gold and gems, silver is trending this summer and every piece is more ethereal than the last.

Look to everything feminine with lots of adornments around the wrists and you will have a clear picture of what’s trending this summer in handmade silver jewellery. Check out the collections on our site for a good idea of what is ‘in’ right now!




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