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That’s A Wrap!

6am, Coffee induced and clamed eyed but that did not deter our excitement to shoot our 2021 photoshoot! We thought it was time for our annual spruce up and give you guys some eye candy!

Planning a shoot starts months in advance, perfecting the outfit choices, make up looks and styling the jewellery.  However, working with our regular photoshoot studio in Nottingham with our trusted photographer Gavin- everything ran smoothly and was a WRAP!

For this shoot we took product photos of all our designs and exciting hero shots- These are the shots you will see in the display cabinets of our lovely Independent retailers and Ernest Jones stores!!

We have since received the professional shots back which are currently in the selection process…. the HARDEST job of all!  The beautiful imagery that surrounds would not have been possible without our fabulous shoot crew & models to make it all a reality and bring the collections to life.

Lucy | Managing Director.

“I took charge of styling the pieces and ensuring that each shot was put together correctly and accordingly to each element. The main aim of was to make sure we photographed EVERYTHING and achieved our new SS21 hero images!”

Mandy| Moo | Boutique & Stock Manager 

“I was responsible for sorting the designs and making sure no jewellery was duplicated in the shots “                 

Emma/ Em | Sales and Social Media Manager

“I oversaw all the jewellery packs and managed the model in shot. Ensuring they had the correct pieces styled, for each look.

I also helped with wardrobe selection and stylising the jewellery”.

Veronica/ Vee | Marketing Executive.

“I oversaw the model wardrobe planning, ensuring they had a different outfit and makeup look for each collection.

Capturing all of the social media content (BTS) and assisting with stylising the jewellery.”

Gavin| Photographer 

” I captured all the photographs for the shoot the WHOLE COLLECTION and turning the dream into a reality” 


“I was the videographer and there to capture the all-important behind the scenes footage!





Leona | Stylist 

“My job on the shoot was to work together with  Lucy to show the collection off, through different styling and looks. I ensured all shots were styled correctly.” 

Sneak Peak…



Lucy Quartermaine Team 

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