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Statement Earrings Have Become the Fashion Influencer’s Favourite Trend: Our Styling Tips

Statement earrings are back in a big way, and as purveyors of ultra-glam accessories ourselves naturally we’re obsessed with the trend.

Some of our favourite celebrities across the globe are championing big bold jewellery – making us wanting to run out, find the glitziest pair we can and stick them to our earlobes immediately. If a look is good enough for Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lawrence it’s good enough for us!

Acceptable in the ‘80s – How has the statement earrings trend evolved?

We’ve come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s when more was more and loud ear cargo was an essential add on to every outfit. It’s hard to believe that permed tresses and piles of costume jewellery and make up were deemed as en-trend now, but this was the case for nearly a decade.

For the fashion conscious youngsters of today statement earrings act as a focal point. Carefully considered accessories can add wow factor and personality to a simple, otherwise minimal wardrobe, helping an ensemble look timelessly chic with little effort. What chokers and crop tops were for 90’s pop stars, statement earrings are for the Instagram generation.

How to pull off statement earrings – our style tips:

1.Less is more – When wearing statement earrings make them the main attraction. There’s an ultra fine line between making a bold statement and overdoing it. If you’ve picked a pair you love and are ready to take them on a test drive – any other jewellery worn at the same time should be dainty and minimal to create a classy contrast.

2. An up-do and a pair of statement earrings – an iconic duo. The fashion world is catching up with our shifting attitudes towards gender and as such androgynous looks have been huge on the catwalks. Think sharp tailoring and slick back hairstyles. Playing with shorter hair/chic hairstyles and toned down make up can really make statement earrings pop.

3. Be Brave – Rather than colour match your earrings to your outfit why not experiment with colour clashing? If you’re prone to wearing a fairly basic everyday colour palette, introducing statement earrings and an animal print cardigan or colourful blazer is a great way to inject some life into an outfit without breaking the bank.

There are so many statement earring styles available on the market and thanks to the rise independent sellers luxury jewellery is becoming ever more fashion influenced. Check out Lucy Quartermaine’s unique and eye catching earring collections over on our product page.


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‘Life is too short to wear boring jewellery’

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