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Silver Jewellery

Why Silver Jewellery is so popular

People buy and wear silver jewellery for many reasons. Silver jewellery tends to be incredibly fashionable yet affordable, which means it can give you the touch of elegance and style you require without making a huge dent into your bank balance. Of all the precious metals, silver is the brightest, and it is versatile enough to play a role in a whole host of interesting and distinctive designs. When you browse the catalogue of jewellery specialists like Lucy Quartermaine Ltd, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that matches your tastes and requirements.

Designed to last

Sterling silver jewellery is incredibly durable, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Silver jewellery items compliment a wide range of outfits and are suitable for many different occasions. As long as you look after your jewellery, you can expect it to last a very long time before it needs to be replaced. What’s more is that the natural oils in the skin help silver to keeps its shine, and there are many polishing materials and solutions you can use to maintain its appearance.

Health benefits

Silver has been shown to help people fight infections and prevent colds and the flu. It can also help with circulation, and its natural properties can help us maintain a healthy temperature balance. Some silver rings can even reduce symptoms of arthritis in the hands.

Elegant jewellery from Lucy Quartermaine Ltd

At Lucy Quartermaine Ltd, we can assist you if you do require affordable Sterling Silver jewellery products that stand the test of time and can be worn in the daytime and during the evening. Our head designer Lucy Quartermaine has received a number of awards for her work and was named Jewellery of the Year in 2016 at the UK Jewellery Awards. Her pieces are inspired by various everyday sources such as water, buttons, clouds and insects and are renowned for their charm and humour. The catalogue is split into various distinctive and inspirational collections.

Getting in touch

Should you wish to learn more about the benefits of silver jewellery or get more information about a particular product or range, use our contact form, call 01244 380 842 or send an e-mail to lucy@lucyqdesigns.co.uk.




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