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Silver Designer Jewellery: 3 Collections to Watch Out For in 2016

Check out our 3 collections that showcase out elegant silver designer jewellery. Read on and find out more.

Lucy Quartermaine is quickly making a name for herself in the world of handcrafted artisan silver designer jewellery and this year she has broken all the moulds. In 2016 there are several sets that bear special mention but three that are new to this year’s offerings will have fashionistas on the edge of their seats looking for where they can get their hands on pieces from this amazingly creative contemporary artisan.

Primal Silver Designer Jewellery – The Arrow Collection

There is something quite sensual about primal tribal jewellery and this year Lucy Q has done it again. With her new for 2016 Arrow Collection, every woman can feel the heat of tribal passion coursing through her veins when wearing these exotic pieces. From the Arrow pendant through to Arrow studs and a bracelet with Arrows interlaced with a delicate chain, you can bet the warrior in you will emerge once you don this set.

The Coil Bangle and Rings

Yet another collection this year is the Coil Bangle and Rings. This lovely set has you poised to strike from your inner coil when you see something you’d like to capture in the hunt. From the primal allure of the Arrow Collection to the tense hunter ready to let loose, Lucy Q captures that natural and passionate primal instinct and embeds it into a soft and feminine work of art in her 2016 silver designer jewellery collections.

Drawing from the Power of the Elements

No street warrior would be able to conjure up the strength to tackle London at night unless she had the power of the Elements at her disposal. Lucy Q has drawn all those elements – fire, air, earth and water – all together into one of the most remarkable collections ever to be set in designer silver jewellery. From the oh-so-sexy asymmetrical necklace to the wrist bangle, rings and Climber earrings, you will feel the power of the elements growing stronger with each piece you add to the collection.

If you are looking to draw on the power of Mother Earth with all the elements at your disposal, and the primal instincts of a warrior, Lucy Q has the perfect handcrafted silver designer jewellery to give you the edge in battle for what’s rightfully yours. Check out her new collections to find one that brings out the warrior in you.





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