The Icicle Collection recreates shards of frozen water, melting across the skin, shining and iridescent in the light as they drip. Each piece in the Icicle Collection is designed to look just like molten ice against the skin.  It is an edgy collection, created to be touched and admired, yet at the same time, remain fierce in its design.

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Full Icicle Pendant


Icicle Bangle


Icicle Bracelet


Icicle Chain Earrings

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Icicle Cross Ring

Icicle Ear Jacket Earrings

Icicle Ear Jacket Earrings


Icicle Long Earrings


Icicle Necklace


Icicle Pendant

Icicle Ring | art deco jewellery

Icicle Ring


Icicle Stud Earrings


Multi Icicle Long Necklace