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Why Pearl Jewellery can be a girl’s best friend

There are many great reasons for buying, wearing and investing in pearl jewellery. This form of jewellery has a timeless appeal, which means it never goes out of fashion. It looks fantastic on people of all ages and is made from high-quality material. People often pass down pearl jewellery from one generation to the next. At LucyQ Designs, we can provide you with distinctive and unique pearl jewellery that suits your needs and tastes perfectly.

The peaks of elegance

Unlike mass-producers of jewellery, we provide highly-distinctive pieces, and no two products are ever quite the same. Pearls exude glamour, sophistication and class, and they are worn by some of the most renowned style icons on the planet, including movie stars, pop stars and royalty. What’s more is that they are suited to a host of occasions and events, and can look as impressive in a casual setting as they do in a more formal environment.

A versatile option

Whether it’s a romantic evening out, a job interview or a day at work, pearls are always appropriate. Pearls are a favourite amongst style consultants and a great match for all sorts of attire. Jewellery made from cheap plastics and other materials have very short life spans and often end up in landfill site, whereas pearl items can be kept indefinitely, making them a vastly more eco-friendly option.

Couture Pearl Earrings

At LucyQ Designs, we can cater for you if you have been looking online for pearl jewellery of the highest quality. Our most popular pearl items include the Couture Pearl Earrings with shepherd’s crook from our Couture Collection. The earrings feature elegant Swarovski crystals and are made from Sterling 925 silver. They weigh 8 grams and are presented in a LucyQ logo gift box. To find out more, call on 01244 380 842, e-mail lucy@lucyqdesigns.co.uk or send us a message via the website. We are confident we can provide the exquisite pearl-based items you require, so why not explore our range today at www.lucyqdesigns.co.uk?









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