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Gold or Silver Drip Earrings: The Perfect Accessory for a Summer Wedding

There is more to silver and gold that simply colour, if you are struggling to decide between gold and silver drip earrings read on.

When it comes to choosing between gold and silver for your next pair of drip earrings, the decision is largely a matter of preference. However, each metal has its own characteristics and features that might make them more suited to a specific occasion or more appealing to your fashion taste. Most people simply choose between gold or silver based on the look alone, without considering other factors that might become apparent after wearing the earrings for a while. With that said, let’s look at how gold and silver compare in several key departments to help you make an informed decision:

Weight and Comfort

Gold is a bit heavier than silver, and while most people won’t find the weight difference to be noticeable, if you have sensitive earlobes or are of a smaller stature it could become an issue for you after a long night of wearing. This is also something to consider when choosing a specific style of drip earrings, as you may want to go for a smaller, more lightweight set if you’re opting for gold.

Matching and Colour Neutrality

Most people see silver as being a more neutral colour than gold, being that the latter stands out more. However, this really depends on what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a light yellow dress with rose gold earrings, the colour scheme will probably match better than if you were to go with silver wearing the same dress. Likewise, if you’re wearing a white lace dress, silver might be a better match.

Long-term Durability and Care

Finally, if you’re planning on wearing the earrings regularly, it is worth noting that gold will not tarnish and is scratch-resistant, so it’s considered a more durable metal for long-term wear than sterling silver. However, silver is still considered durable enough for daily wear, and with the proper cleaning and maintenance it should hold up just as well as gold, so ultimately it comes down to personal style preference.

Whether you choose silver or gold for your next set of drip earrings, you’re guaranteed to find a nice selection of both in our extensive jewellery catalogue.

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