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The finest Wave Jewellery in the UK

The finest Wave Jewellery in the UK

Lucy Q’s Wave Jewellery has won fans across the world. These pieces consist of organic shapes and flowing movements and are inspired by water. All pieces are beautifully handcrafted and designed to the highest standards.

The Drip Wave Necklace is one of the most popular and enduring items from the range and features several Sterling Silver wav-shaped pieces, which are linked together by hidden silver links and are complimented by drips. The necklace is 16” long and comes with a 4” extender chain. It is polished to the highest standard and manufactured from the highest quality 925 sterling silver. The piece comes in a special LucyQ logo gift box.

Elsewhere, the Full Outer Wave Necklace features sterling silver wave-shaped pieces also connected by hidden silver links but this time adorned by beautiful Swarovski crystals. The piece is 16” and has a 4” extender chain, weighing 44 grams.

The 6cm diameter Full Wave Bangle is another example of exquisite Wave jewellery. The piece has been carefully crafted to sit harmoniously on its wearer’s wrist and sees the waves curve from the outwards to the centre. The piece includes a hidden hinge designed to help wearers place the bangle on their wrists with ease as well as a pair of safety catches.

The stylish and timeless Mini V-style Wave Necklace features a dangling droplet and is 16” with a 4” chain extender piece. The piece weighs 5 grams and has proved to be one of the biggest sellers in the range.

Other popular pieces from the Wave range include the Hinged Wave Bangle, LucyQ Designer Mini Wave Ring, Mini V Style Wave Necklace, Motion Wave Earrings, Motion Wave Pendant Necklace, Oval Wave Pendant Necklace, Oval Wave Studs Earrings and Silver Wave Studs.

The Wave range is one of a number of distinctive and elegant collections from LucyQ Designs. Our head designer Lucy Quartermaine takes inspiration from all around and many of her collections are based on British themes. Water plays a big role in LucyQ’s work, with other sources of inspiration including insects, buttons, umbrellas and jigsaw puzzle pieces. Lucy’s work is available in more than 140 highly-reputable and respected jewelers and galleries. Her pieces are also sold by stockists as far away as New Zealand.

Lucy is an award-winning contemporary jewellery designer and silversmith based in Chester. Her designs have won praise and been adorned by well-known figures in the UK and the US, and her work has been featured in publications as illustrious as Vogue, Red and Cosmopolitan. She was a ‘Designer of the Year’ finalist at the UK Jewellery Awards in 2013 and 2014 and was named as a ‘Trendsetter’ in the Professional Jewellery Hot100 in 2013.

If you have been looking for unique, beautiful and distinctive wave jewellery in the UK, LucyQ’s work could be ideal for your requirements. The wide range on offer means various tastes can easily be catered for. Why not explore her range of elegant wave jewellery items today?






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