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Why the Element Air Necklace is Our Favourite Piece of Handmade Silver Jewellery Right Now.

The Element Air Necklace has quickly captured the attention of the world of high street fashion being seen on many runways throughout London and becoming a favourite of many.

Worn on the runway of some of the most prestigious runways throughout London, the Element Air Necklace has quickly captured the attention of the world of high street fashion. Handmade silver jewellery is always a work of art but this ethereal piece goes beyond even art. It is perfection itself.


Framing the Neck with Elements of Wind and Air

One of the most feminine characteristics of today’s woman is her breezy nature. The Element Air Necklace captures this so that the woman wearing this amazing work of art feels as though she is softly flowing through time. Crafted to offer the rush of power from the wind but soft enough to resemble a warm summer breeze, this is one piece of handmade silver jewellery that is a treasure among treasures.


The Ideal Necklace for a Low Cut Evening Dress

The asymmetric design falls just to the décolleté, calling attention to the soft curves of a woman’s body while keeping enough attention to appreciate the artistry of the design. This piece of handmade silver jewellery crafted to elongate the neck offers an air of sophistication that adds beauty and grace to the wearer and the necklace alike.


Bringing the World of High Fashion to Everyday Life

The reason why the Element Air Necklace is our favourite piece of handmade jewellery right now is because of the popularity it attracted when worn on the runway. We always knew this was a piece for the record books, but the attention it earned, taking the eye from the styles to the neck was all we needed to know that we had a true collector’s piece in the making. For women looking to add to their collection of jewellery with a piece that sets the apart, this is the necklace that can do just that.

If you are looking to capture the attention of that special someone, please take time to explore the beauty and elegance of the Element Air Necklace. Check out just how lovely this piece is when worn, look at what fashion critics are saying and then you’ll see why this is has become this year’s favourite. You can find the Element Air Necklace here.





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