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Elegant jewellery inspired by water – Lucy Quartermaine’s exclusive collections

One of the most iconic features about Lucy Quartermaine jewellery is the theme of water, which is evident in the elegant shapes and styles of different collections.

Water is a prominent feature of the natural landscape and has inspired our beautiful and luxurious pieces of jewellery. Whether taking the form of waves crashing against the coast, trickling down a woodland stream, or pouring from the heavens, we believe the theme of water gives off certain vibes of “Britishness”.

Crafting our jewellery from molten Silver allows us to reflect pure beauty, with our unique designs reflecting water’s fluid and often unpredictable nature.

Let’s take a look through some of our most iconic collections to see how water has inspired each one.


jewellery-drip-collectionThere’s nothing more soothing than watching a single raindrop making its way down a window. It can take a winding path, leave a trail of tiny droplets and sometimes even combine with other drops along the way.

Those individual drips have inspired many of our designs giving each one unique character. Rings, necklaces and bracelets featuring the drip effect may come across as simplistic, but they each have a certain elegance that makes them so distinctive.

[button text=”View Drip Collection” link=”https://www.lucyqdesigns.co.uk/product-collection/drip/”]



jewellery-splash-collectionAsk any child, there’s nothing more fun than jumping straight into a big puddle and making a splash! The water jumps up, spreads out and flies in all directions with no way to control where it goes.

We mimic this random and irregular effect of splashing water to create larger pieces of jewellery. By moulding the Silver into rounded abstract shapes, we can combine lots of little elements together to make a big splash with each piece.

[button text=”View Splash Collection” link=”https://www.lucyqdesigns.co.uk/product-collection/splash/”]



jewellery-wave-collectionOur base in Chester put us right by the coastline of North Wales and the Wirral. As a result, we’re used to see waves coming in from the ocean, which can be small and gentle or mighty and crashing.

Our Wave collection beautifully captures the different intensities of waves. From small elegant ripples to larger and wilder designs, waves are well suited to necklaces and rings that have a flatter base line.

[button text=”View Wave Collection” link=”https://www.lucyqdesigns.co.uk/product-collection/wave/”]



jewellery-waterfall-collectionWaterfalls provide us with some of the most stunning sights in nature, with Angel Falls, Victoria Falls and Niagara Falls among the world’s greatest. The higher the drop, the greater the spectacle, as the water trickles over the edge and crashes down to the bottom.

This collection takes inspiration from the way large volumes of water cascade down from cliffs. Jewellery items are composed of multiple droplets – similar to the Drip collection – falling and dangling freely to create an effect reminiscent of a waterfall.

[button text=”View Waterfall Collection” link=”https://www.lucyqdesigns.co.uk/product-collection/waterfall/”]



jewellery-icicle-collectionWith the winter months just around the corner, droplets of water will soon begin to freeze, leaving icicles on the rooftops. Long and thin in shape, icicles have slightly irregular curves rather than being perfectly straight with edges and points.

By moulding the Silver into these unique shapes, we can create beautiful and elegant designs for pendants and earring, amongst others. The attention to detail in various elements of our craft means the quality of our Icicle collection is unrivalled.

[button text=”View Icicle Collection” link=”https://www.lucyqdesigns.co.uk/product-collection/icicle/”]



Don’t forget to share your photos with us on our social channels. Just use #mylucyq to show off your favourite jewellery from any of Lucy Quartermaine’s water-inspired collections.

‘Life is too short to wear boring jewellery’

With love,

The Lucy Quartermaine Team x




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