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Drip Earrings: Inspired by the Beauty of Water

Our drip earrings are known for catching the light to help create the the aquatic shimmer that many pieces of jewellery aim for but few manage to achieve.

You know that sparkling glimmer of light that dances across the surface of water as sunlight reflects off of an array of angles? That’s the same look that drip earrings give off when they start shimmering in the wind or as you walk.  The main pendant hangs in such a way that it looks like its dripping down, and the glittery shine that the earrings produce is reminiscent of some of the properties of water, so the “drip” effect is well-named. Nature inspires fashion in a lot of ways, and drip earrings are just one great example.

Diamonds and Gems for More of a Mirage

Drip earrings that contain diamonds and other gems are probably the best at creating the drip effect, but it also has a lot to do with the shape of the pendant as well. The most water-like earrings are those that use metals like sterling silver and platinum combined with diamonds or similar precious stones. Sometimes flat earrings that spin easily can create more of a shimmer than their round tear drop or disco ball shaped counterparts.

Lighting is Important for the Drip Effect

Keep in mind that the level of shimmer the earrings will produce really depends on lighting and the angle it is being viewed from. With that said, if you have several sets of earrings and you know what the lighting is going to be like in the venue you’re attending, you can choose a pair that will look the most water-like by doing a bit of in-the-mirror experimenting with your collection under varying light conditions.

Water Drop Earrings

While water drop earrings are distinguishable from drip earrings, they’re also inspired by the beauty of water and are therefore worth mentioning. They do look similar though, with the exception that some styles come in one unified piece.

If you’re looking for earrings that create the aquatic shimmer effect we mentioned above, check out our extensive catalogue for some great examples of sets that will be sure to impress and showcase the style’s water-inspired origins.





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