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Why Contemporary Silver Jewellery is the Ideal Gift for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

When thinking of your special someone on your 25th wedding anniversary, contemporary silver jewellery is the perfect gift.

It has been a long standing tradition for many couples to buy each other anniversary gifts based that differ depending on how long they have been married.  Traditionally, this started off with paper for the 1st year of marriage, cotton for the 2nd, and so on until you reach silver for 25 years, ruby for 40 years, gold for 50 years, and diamond for 60.  If you are currently approaching your 25th wedding anniversary, here’s why contemporary silver jewellery may make the ideal gift.

Silver is the Brightest Metal

Over the past couple of decades, silver jewellery has overtaken gold in the metal popularity stakes, and this could very well be because it is the brightest metal.  The shiny look of it goes well with almost any outfit, and can help to add a bit of sparkle to an otherwise dressed down look.  Silver jewellery is also much easier to clean than gold, making it ideal for both sexes who don’t want to end up feeling like maintaining their jewellery is a chore.

It’s Available in Numerous Styles

Contemporary silver jewellery is abundant, and you’ll find there are so many styles that it won’t be hard to find something that is perfect for your loved one.  Whether you decide to buy a contemporary promise ring made from silver, a gorgeous silver necklace, or even a personalised bangle, you’re sure to find plenty of designs that you like.  Silver is, as you probably already know, a much cheaper metal than gold.  This is what enables designers to create hundreds of new designs in line with fashion trends.

It’s Interchangeable

Finally, contemporary silver jewellery is also extremely interchangeable, meaning that it can be worn alongside gold and platinum jewellery.  If your loved one likes to mix and match his or her jewellery, buying them a new piece in silver is sure to be a gift they will appreciate.

If you are looking for some contemporary silver jewellery as part of an anniversary gift, contact us and check out the styles and designs that we have on offer today.




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