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How to polish & clean contemporary silver jewellery

With elegant designs from the Lucy Quartermaine collection, you’ll no doubt want to make sure your contemporary jewellery always looks its best for any occasion. Whether you have a party or event coming up, or you simply want to dazzle with your day-to-day accessories, it’s important to keep your silver clean and shiny.

Like all good things, silver jewellery can become dirty and lose its shine over time. Correctly polishing and cleaning it is vital to keeping your precious pieces looking beautiful and preserving the integrity of the metal, which can fade over time if not looked after properly.

In this article, we look at how you can prevent your favourite jewellery from tarnishing, as well as the best methods for cleaning and polishing them without causing any damage.

Preventative measures

Regularly wearing your jewellery can actually help to keep it looking clean and shiny, thanks to the natural oils in your skin.

However, exposure to everyday household products like lotions, hairsprays and washing-up detergent can tarnish your silver jewellery, so it’s always a good idea to take off any rings while doing the dishes or putting on hand lotion.

If you have pieces of jewellery stored in a box or drawer for long periods of time, try keeping sachet of silica gel or even a piece of chalk in the same place. Chalk and silica gel can absorb the tiny quantities of moisture in the air, helping to protect your jewellery from any erosion that occurs over time.

Treating silver jewellery

Silver is a very soft metal and can scratch quite easily if not properly treated. While there are various cleaning solutions available, like silver dipping solution, we don’t recommend using those, especially for any of Lucy’s unique pieces.

Lucy Quartermaine’s jewellery designs are crafted using an anti-tarnish solution, in order to minimise the potential damage caused by everyday wear. Use of silver dipping solution or even ultrasonic cleaning machines can actually end up removing this anti-tarnish solution.

To effectively clean and polish silver jewellery, you can use a special silver cloth. These are commonly available and help to wipe away any dirt or smudges. A gentle rub will keep your contemporary silver jewellery looking clean and brightIf you can’t get hold of one of these, it’s possible to use a few other household items to gently clean your jewellery.

The most common of these is to use a solution of white vinegar and a small amount of baking soda. Vinegar is extremely versatile as a cleaner, and it’s easily rinsed away without leaving a trace. It’s also best to use a microfibre cloth for this, rather than paper towels or tissues as they contain tiny fibres that could leave scratches.

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