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Free UK Delivery
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Brexit is here!

What can I say……We are leaving the EU and the majority of the country has voted out!! It is a going to be a huge shock to many people as many are unsure as to how it will affect them. Already we have seen a massive drop in the £ which has already seen a huge impact on the trade of goods. Such as the importation on Jewellery. Inc silver rings, gold necklaces, rose gold bracelets and so on.

Being a small business in this crazy world we live in is going to be hard but I believe that with all the hard work the Lucy Quartermaine team put in I firmly believe that we will push through and continue to grow. Our top collections such as the Drip Jewellery which is offered in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold will continue to be firm favourites in our shops and all outlets.

It is a very scary but exciting time for us all and it is hard to see what the future of jewellery will hold for us.

The only thing that I can advise in times when history is in the making is to make sure that you always look and feel your best. The team at Lucy Quartermaine ltd will do all we can to make sure that we offer you the best prices for your rings, bracelets and all silver jewellery.

We are in the process of introducing some exclusive online designs just for you. These will be at prices that are very affordable and do not break the bank balance. Thus giving you the opportunity to grab that necklace you have been pondering over or that stunning silver bracelet that has the same quality as the beautiful jewellery that we offer to the shops at a special online price.

So, what ever the out come of this referendum is, whether you want to celebrate or not, I firmly believe that things happen for a reason and we intend to move with the times. Jewellery will always be an important asset in peoples lives, especially silver Jewellery.

We love the Great Britain and the Great Britain love us!!!







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