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3 Must Have Pieces of Handmade Silver Jewellery

What 3 pieces of handmade silver jewellery are a must have this year? Check out what our Elements range has to offer.

Year after year, handmade silver jewellery is always popular but this year it is especially trendy. It is being worn with an assortment of other precious metals and even when set against costlier gold, it is the silver that catches the light, standing out like stars in a summer night sky.

Wrist Bangles Wide and Strong But Softly Feminine

When it comes to handmade silver jewellery, nothing is lovelier and more feminine than a handcrafted wrist bangle set lovingly with Swarovski crystals. One style that stands out is the Elements bangle that was inspired by the elements of water and fire that play off each other in a war for mastery of earth and sky.

The Timeless Allure of Elements Rings

As part of a matching set, the Element Air Full ring is a perfect complement to the fire and water inspired wrist bangle. Carrying through the swirls of motion, this is one ring that will capture attention whenever you move your hand. Because of the double-edged long triangular shape, this is one ring that can be ordered a bit larger to be worn on the index finger for greater emphasis. Polished to perfection and calling to mind the rushing sound of the wind, this is one piece of handmade silver jewellery you cannot do without. It truly is a ‘must have’ piece!

Elements Ear Studs on the Winds of Time

Completing the look with the third must have piece of handmade silver jewellery is a pair of Elements ear studs. Unlike so many earrings this year that dangle down towards the jawbone, the Elements ear studs fit nicely over the ear lobe and are reminiscent of a windy day in the middle of summer. Some say they look like the wings of an angel, being shaped just as many have pictured angel wings to be formed.

Handmade silver jewellery, even though artisan crafted, does tend to be less costly than its gold counterpart but some pieces are so perfectly exquisite that you just might feel you’ve found a priceless piece fit for a queen. If you are ready to get a first-hand look at some of the finest handmade silver jewellery on the face of the earth, take time to browse the Elements collection. This is one must have set you can’t ignore.




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